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A Love for Art

A Love for Art

Ann Batdorf Vreeland ’74 receives
the 2009 Alumni Service Award

Ann Batdorf Vreeland ’74 owns a modest and cozy ceramics studio. When we arrive she greets us in her apron and “work clothes.” The pottery wheel is paused and the new bowl she is working on sits steadily. She quickly washes her hands so she can meet us.

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Studio Opening

Gallery Opening

Sisters Pottery Studio
had a gallery opening
in November of 2012.


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Bryan Times

Used with the permission of
Tami Brigle, Bryan Times Reporter

Sisters Gallery:
Potter’s works available to public

Ann at her kilns

Local potter Ann E. Vreeland is making her creatioiisavailable to the public at Sisters Gallery, 10840 Ohio 34 just west of Bryan- The gallery adjoins her Sisters Pottery Studio. (Staff photo by Marci Hummel)

By Marci Hummel,
Times Senior Editor

Published: Wednesday,
November 21, 2012

Ann Vreeland loves to play in the mud. Or, more specifically, in clay.

Her pottery creations have long been available at area trunk shows and other venues, but with the opening of her Sisters Gallery they are more easily available to the public.

The gallery adjoins Sisters Studio, where Ann creates her pottery and gives lessons, and is located at 10940 Ohio 34 just west of Bryan.

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Bryan Times

Used with the permission of
Don Allison, Bryan Times Senior Editor

Pottery is local artist’s passion

Kiwanis Club Meeting

Ann Vreeland displayed some of her pottery creations at Wednesday’s Bryan Kiwanis Club meeting. She showed ...

Ann E. Vreeland creates decorative pieces in her
rural Bryan studio

Times Senior Editor

Published: Thursday,
January 21, 2010 10:18 AM EST

Learning to paint was Ann E. Vreeland’s goal 15 years ago, when she returned to school to study art. In the process, she fell in love with pottery — and that’s been her passion ever since.
That passion led her to open her own pottery studio, Sisters, on Ohio 34 west of Ohio 576. “I make pots from scratch,” Vreeland told the Bryan Kiwanis Club, speaking at the group’s Wednesday noon meeting.

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Bryan Times

Used with the permission of
Tami Brigle, Bryan Times Reporter

Pottery is her passion and now it’s her living

Ann at her kilns

Ann Vreeland stands next to one of her two kilns at her studio...

By TAMI BRIGLE, Times Reporter

Published: Saturday,
November 7, 2009 4:48 AM EST

Vases, plates and teapots may seem like household needs to

most people. But Ann E. Vreeland sees them as opportunities for creativity and art.
Vreeland owns Sisters Pottery Studio just outside of Bryan, and her passion is creating porcelain and stoneware pieces of all shapes, styles and sizes. “Everything I do is one-of-a-kind. It’s very experimental,” she said. As an artist, she doesn’t have a particular style or niche.

“I like everything, and I find it hard to focus in on just one thing,” she said. She gathers inspiration from many places, including museums or one of her many ceramics books. Sometimes she will see a piece by another artist and try to create a duplicate just to learn how they made it.

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