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Artist Statement

My Thoughts

If there is a driving force in my artistic endeavors, curiosity and exploration would be in the lead.   I am influenced by everything I see in the visual world and want to investigate it all.  It is difficult to stay focused on just one project at a time because there are so many wonderful ideas to explore.  Because of time constraints, I have found it necessary to develop only the most meaningful and practical of ideas.  Even then, exploring a new method or design has many sidebars to lead me astray.

My approach is necessarily an indirect, zig-zag style whereby I move back Ann Vreelandand forth from working small, then taking it large, sometimes with intricate carving or modeling and sometimes with simplistic clean lines. This method seems to be the best way for me to develop the skill to support my inquiry into what is possible.  It allows me to advance my craft by systematically improving design, craftsmanship and technical skills. 

Creating ceramic work is definitely a gradual progression of skills.  The practical efforts of designing, constructing, glazing and then firing a piece of ceramics often, itself, leads me away from the theoretical ideas in my mind.  At any rate, I'm having a great time exploring the field of ceramic art.